Bayview Place Vikes Performance Tour

Mission Statement
“The Bayview Place Vikes Performance Tour exists to provide a competitive golf environment to further the development of Junior, Amateur, and Professional golfers on Vancouver Island”


By including developing junior players, strong amateur golfers and members of the PGA of Canada a culture of fellowship, mentorship, and leadership can be established to ensure the long-term development of competitive golf on Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island is the best environment to train for golf and develop the game in all of Canada.  Vancouver Island has produced some of the finest players in BC and Canada in recent years with many players having success at the highest levels of competition.  The opportunity to further develop the game of golf on the Island exists through a collaborative approach.
The Vikes Performance Tour aims to eliminate some of the previous boundaries which kept certain groups of players from competing against each other.
With the great success of the Vikes Junior Tour over the past several years there is a need to scale the efforts and time of the Junior Tour organizers. A partnership between the Junior Tour and the PGA of Canada professionals from Vancouver Island sponsored by Bayview Place will enable further growth and impact on the growth of junior golf. Furthermore, this initiative also increases the scope and reach of our PGA members beyond the borders of our own facilities.

Membership Categories

CategoryMembership Fee (Annual)OoM Eligible
1)PGA of Canada Professionals*$50Yes
2)Zone 5 & 6 Amateurs**$50Yes
3)Junior Tour Members***$25No
4)UVic Golf Team Vikes$25No
5)Non-Affiliated Professionals$25No

* PGA of Canada members who are employed at a facility on Vancouver Island and working a minimum of 30 hours a week (teaching is considered working). All other professional/non-amateurs are considered “Non-Affiliated Professionals”
** Amateurs who are members of Zone 5 & 6 clubs with a handicap factor of 5.0 or less
*** Members of the Bayview Place Vikes Junior Tour (registered for at least 5 events) who are members of Zone 5 & 6 clubs with a handicap factor of 5.0 or less
**** Members of categories 3,4 and 5 are ineligible for Order of Merit. In the case of categories 3 & 4 they may choose to join as a category 2 member in order to be eligible.

A player must register for the 2017 Vikes Performance Tour through this website (see below).

Field Size, Entry Fees, & Purses

  • Field sizes will be limited to 60 players (or less depending on host club’s capacity). Should an event be oversubscribed priority will be given to the earliest entries – whether professional, amateur, or junior.
  • Entry fees will be
    • PGA of Canada Members - $100
    • Amateurs - $60
    • Juniors/UVic Vikes - $25
    • Non-Affiliated Professionals - $150
  • Purses will be paid out to professionals in form of eTransfer and Amateurs will receive gift certificates to the host facilities pro shops.

Order of Merit

There will be two separate Order of Merit (OoM) categories: Amateur and Professional.

The Performance Tour has two exemptions for the 2017 Bayview Place / DC Payments Victoria Open. The VPT will award these exemptions to the players leading the respective Performance Tour Amateur and Professional Order of Merit races. (There will also be one exemption awarded to a junior which will be determined by the Junior Tour’s Order of Merit.)

Order of Merit points will be awarded based on event results in each respective category. Additionally, Order of Merit points will be provided to PGA of Canada professionals who volunteer their time to the administration and running of the Bayview Place Vikes Junior Tour events. Volunteer points are worth 5 OoM points per event to a maximum of 30 points for the season

Individual      Co-Sanctioned (75%)      Team (50%)
15th - 30th515th - 30th3.7515th - 30th2.5


Both Orders of Merit will be counted over the entire season. Those points qualifying players for the exemptions to the Victoria Open will only be from those events held prior to the Open.

Scoring will be completed at the facility of the event and presented upon completion of play. There will be no playoffs to determine a winner so should two players be tied they will split 1st and 2nd points.


About the Player

Release of Liability

By agreeing to our terms of membership, the participants waive any and all claims they may now and in the future have against, and release all liability and agree not to sue the Bayview Place Vikes Performance Tour (BPVPT), any of its officials. volunteers or host clubs for any personal injury, death and property damages, expenses or loss sustained as a result of their participation in BPVPT activities.

Photo Waiver

By signing and submitting this entry form the BPVPT is given the unrestricted right to use a participant's likeness (e.g. pictures, portraits or photographs) for any lawful purposes that are related to the BPVPT (e.g. on website). HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP WHICH SHALL BE DEEMED TO HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED WHEN APPROVED BY THE BPVPT DIRECTORS.

* I agree to all terms of membership